New World Disorder


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A result of critical analysis and social commentary in times of imminent political corruption, endless conflict, growing surveillance, and population control.

DVOLV's New World Disorder continues to display improved creativity and production quality by exploring its strong industrial roots while continuing to blend a unique fusion of sounds ranging from mechanical, heavy beats to melodic symphony and a wide range of vocal styles.

Slap on some headphones, turn up the volume, and step into a post-apocalyptic-themed adventure through the exaggerated reality of the New World Disorder.


released November 1, 2016

© DVOLV 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Music, vocals, design, branding & artwork by Corin Benoit.

Guest artists are:
- Dehumanizenation: Stephanie Millette [Vocals]
- Warning Shot to the Head: Nicholas Piché [Vocals]


all rights reserved



DVOLV Ottawa, Ontario

New audio/visual artist producing experimental metal music.

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Track Name: New World Disorder
Killers for hire; machine men marching the streets and knocking down the front door
War is my business and business is damn good
Fight for your country like any good slave should
Build an economy where control is currency
Obedient sheeple; a new commodity
Switch the channel if you desire but little do you know, there’s no changing the program
Conflict is your new god and as its disciples you shall await his command. Rifles in arms, blackened hearts filled with the hatred of evil men, and poisoned minds ready to die to satisfy another man’s totalitarian fetish
Kiss the old world goodbye and say hello to the new world disorder
War is my business and business is damn good
Fight for your country like any good slave should
Build an economy where control is currency
Obedient sheeple; a new commodity
Listen to the boots marching
Ticking away like the clockwork
Counting down to the 11th hour
Aren’t you glad to know one’s profit equals another’s demise
Now, be a good patriot and go make your country proud
The all-seeing eye looks down on you
Dictating how you think and what you do
Do you see while stripped of dignity,
We’ve got no humanity, we know only slavery
I would rather die fighting on my feet than begging on my knees to defend what’s left of my liberty
This new world disorder must end
Track Name: Nihilist
I am the hidden nihilist
They've labeled me a terrorist
Treat me like some kind of creep
A wolf living amongst the sheep
The only thing more terrifying than pure evil is absolute devotion to false idols
Trust your gut as it dares not tell a lie
The inner thoughts that I cannot defy
Trailing behind like a monkey on my back
One of these days I'm just going to fucking crack
This is a revolution
Of the absolute devotion
To the self anihilation
Rules are made to be broken
Kiss the old world goodbye; out with the old and in with the new
Light the match, drop the bomb, and watch it all go boom boom
I am the waiting anarchist
With an apetite for nothingness
A total reject of the establishment
Cursed with a life of banishment
Go ahead, bask in your flawed beliefs as I am here to free your from your crooked ways during your final days
We're all enemies in a fixed maze
Track Name: Truth Is Treason in the Empire of Lies
Am I supposed to pretend and play along?
I've crossed over and cannot unsee the enlightenment before me
Drowning in a sea of fakeness with a head up in the sky
Call me a dreamer but I'm not the one living a lie
The truthsayer is a menace to the sheltered lives
And gets surrounded by the lost souls who speak with knives
Forced into a world of endless dissonance
Assimilated in an ocean of insignificance
One fact remains that is hard to ignore
What is reality when nothing is real anymore
Truth is treason in the empire of lies
Opinions are not welcomed here
Speak out loud and get shot down
The eyes in the sky peer upon you
Bound at the mouth and walking on broken glass
A nation of silenced followers
Truth is treason in an empire built upon lies
What is reality when nothing is real anymore
I refuse to wear the blinders society imposed unto me
Look at the world through these eyes and you will see
Nothing is real anymore
What is reality
We've chosen the path of willful ignorance
Am I supposed to play along?
Am I supposed to pretend?
What kind of game are we really playing here?
Are we really fooling ourselves?
Its time to unplug from the system
Track Name: Personae Non Grata
An unwelcomed presence
Ghostwalking amongst the crowd
Emerge from the shadow in quintessence
Like a wraith breaking free of the shroud
Lost in an ocean of the absurd
Go little black sheep, stray from the herd
Have you ever felt the backs turned to you?
Truth always hurts from a closed eye view
Looking at the world before me, I struggle to see
the existence of a key to set these narrow minds free
Never fitting in like truth is a sin
I take it on the chin and hold it within
Silent like a mime, now I'm biding my time
Because speaking my mind is apparently a crime
Not a moment of rest as they keep me suppressed
Heart pounding in my chest but I know this is a test
All that is needed is a moment of clarity
As this world continues to test me
I could show you how it feels
Start anew; dig in your heels
I've seen the product of sacrifice
In your world of supposed paradise
I refuse to join your brotherhood of lies
I will resist you until the end of times
Track Name: Freedom Was a Lie
You have the freedom
The freedom to indebt yourself by undergoing the education system
The freedom to buy a car to get to your job
The freedom of getting a job to pay for your car
The freedom to work overtime to afford luxuries you do not need
The freedom to compromise your health for financial gain
The freedom to have to answer to your boss in fear of losing your job
The freedom to medicate and drug yourself to make the warning signs go away
The freedom to purchase and consume as much as your wallet allows you to
The freedom to join the tax farm and pay for things you care nothing about
The freedom to vote for fraudulent candidates that lie to you
The freedom to abide by someone else's laws and regulations
The freedom to become part of the system
But most of all, you have the right to remain silent
Track Name: Dehumanizenation
Slowly they train us like animals
They must herd the livestock and feed the cattle
I realize that you must like getting fucked
Well d o you? I don’t
How do you live with yourselves?
Knowing what is going on
Happy go lucky with a big dumb smile
Pump me full of money; line up, single file
Kiss my feet while I lay upon my throne
Worship your new god pretty little human drone
All the people line up
Like they don’t give a fuck
Everybody wants to go
To the newest freak show
This culture is your everything
Praise your false idols as they use, abuse, and betray you
Take a good look around and see the freakshow
You know this to be true; we're all part of this dehumanizenation
All the people line up
Like they don’t give a fuck
Everybody wants to go
To the newest freak show
Track Name: Warning Shot to the Head
Misled, bloodshed, deathbed
They only give two warning shots to the head
Taste a mouthful of lead
Realize that you're better off dead
There are no second chances here son
Swallow a bullet while choking on a barrel
Slave all day to pay for your own execution
They have the solution to your problem
A warning shot to your head
Bare the scars of being free to live behind these bars
Their power rests in the pull of a loaded trigger
Bow down to the motherfucking master
Another day away from national disaster
Welcome to the state of decay
Where we all live in fear everyday
Welcome to the state of decay, enjoy your stay
This cannot be
Won't make an example out of me
And soon they'll see
That this is not my destiny
They have the solution to your problem
A warning shot to your head
Bare the scars of being free to live behind these bars
Their power rests in the pull of a loaded trigger
When flawless obedience is expected
And individuality is not welcomed
Just one lost ape telling another how to live
Stand in file or be dealt with
Know that resistance is futile
Disobedience is handled swiftly
Resistance is futile
Track Name: A World Full of Sheep
I see an ocean of rebellious followers;
An army of awoken sleepers;
A legion of hopeless dreamers;
The end result of no more natural selection
I see a world full of sheep
One cannot ignore the endless broken lies
Once life has been seen through these eyes
Breed, consume, follow, obey, hate, destroy, repeat
Life is life and these patterns eternally repeat
We can't all be wolves; some must be the sheep
Breed, consume, follow, obey, hate, destroy, repeat
Track Name: Break These Chains That Bind Me
Isolated, cold and all alone
Locked away for a crime that isn't real
Can't hold me down anymore I will be free
Break these chains that bind me to your world
I've been shackled far too long; freedom is here; the time is now
I've been asleep for far too long
Waiting for something to happen
The realization that I was wrong
It is I who must take action
And I must be unleashed
Survival instincts kick in
Far too often
Rules exist to be broken
When freedom is taken
And now we march united toward the front steps
We're coming down to pay you our respects
Voices of the free will be heard like shockwaves
An army of rebels is far better than a nation of slaves
I've witnessed attempts of imposed docility
I've been cleverly kept sedated
Track Name: Dystopium
Dazed and confused
Just relax and let loose
This is what they do
As they watch over you
They are here to tuck you away
Drop senses and let go
No holding back just fall in
We've reaped exactly what we sow
As we enter oblivion
Drift into a drug- induced coma
Monotonous and lethargic; Sickly and toxic
Obey and play along; Quiet like you belong
Hooked to the feeling that crawls beneath your skin
A daily dose of dystopium; Plenty more where that came from
It isn't so hard to tell
We've been put under a spell
Wake the fuck up
The dream is over
It was all made up
It's our turn to takeover
Let the dystopium run its course as it flows through your every vein
You must have a plan otherwise you will become part of someone else's
Track Name: American iTool
Taste the sweet nectar of glorified capitalism
Holding back the coming heart attack as
I, I snack on my greasy bigmac
While I cruise in my golden cadillac
Blowing through fat stacks of endless greenbacks
A nation worshiping the idol tube
I park my ass in front of the television
To get my daily does of tunnel vision
Pretty pictures dancing on a screen
Painting regular life as morose and obscene
1-800-Vote for my new god
Such planned obsolescence is a god damn fraud
You think that you rule
You think you're so cool
You think you're a jewel
You always were a fool, american itool
Living in an unreal fantasy
In the land of soaring eagles and the free
Buying a joy so temporary
And filling that hole where your mind used to be
Mesmerized by the song and dance
Sucked-into a controlling mindless trance
Track Name: SNAFU
Sensation stimuli overload
Can't catch a break to stop and breathe
Like rats in a cage
Running through a fucking maze
Another day in paradise?
You want in? This is the price
Abuse of your power
One king ape to rule them all
High and mighty up in your tower
All empires must fall
It's growing harder to ignore; This is not what we're meant for
Sporadic and unpredictable; Manic and always miserable
The world has gone crazy but this is necessary
Situation normal; All fucked-up
Sensation stimuli overload
Standing at a crossroad
A speed bump in evolution
Divided by factions
Track Name: Future Imperfect
Hold on
Future imperfect is the way it's going to be
We fade again
The answer exists but they refuse to see
A new dawn
This insolence caused the assimilation of resistance
Into a new reign
We must unite to fight this crisis of ignorance
Hold on
You cannot fight for peace; you cannot capture freedom
We fade again
In the empire of lies where truth is treason
A new dawn
Absolute power corrupts; power corrupts absolutely
Into a new reign
As you chant your song and be all that you can be
The doomsayer introduced population control
The prophet brought slavery unto the new world
Wealth is poison to the rational mind
Cursed to live with haunting demons
This world was not built by the weak
We must save our imprisoned brethren
The eternal search for our purpose
Is leading to the deconstruction of mankind

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